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Top 10 iOS Board Game Apps 2020

We have a list of all of the games we have reviewed on our review database. From there you can see ratings as well as some info about the games to help you decide which are the games you might want to download. So why would we make a list of the top 10 iOS board game apps then?

This list will not simply be a list of the apps with the highest ratings from our reviews which are available for iOS devices. We will be curating a list of iOS board game apps which we think the most people will enjoy, which we think should be in your collection and games we have the most fun playing whether they are rated highly or not.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an iOS device, you can check out our Top 10 Android Board Game Apps article here instead

So without further ado here is our list of the top 10 iOS board game apps…

Top 10 iOS Board Game Apps

10 – Pandemic

Pandemic is a classic co-operative game where you work as a team to try to cure 4 diseases which are rapidly out breaking across the globe. This great implementation means you can play this game without the table hogging board and within about 15-20 minutes. It’s a must have for anyone’s board game collection and this is the same for your digital boar game collection.

9 – Onitama

If you’re looking for a fresh take on chess that you can play in about 5 minutes on your iPhone then look no further than Onitama. The game is simple to learn as you only choose between 5 potential piece movements; however it is hard to master as it contains enough strategy to keep you thinking with every move. The fact that the base game is completely free to download means we don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to download it.

8 – Carcassonne

This port of Carcassonne makes the table top version a wonderful pick up and play app, implemented beautifully. With a slew of expansions available this iOS board game has the longevity to be worthwhile keeping in your collection. A perfect gateway level game this board game app is one for the whole family or just for you alone on the sofa.

7 – 7 Wonders

After a much protracted development and years of waiting 7 Wonders finally hit our devices and it was worth the wait. The ever popular board game came with slick gameplay, a challenging AI and 2 expansions available plus the ability to play with up to 7 players means this iOS board game is one we keep coming back to.

6 – Small World 2

Small World 2 has been one of my most played board game apps for the last 2 years on any device. A smart area control game with an endless combination of races and special abilities which change every game you play. The interplay between these races is so wonderful and varied that it is a true favourite.

5 – Onirim

This is the pinnacle of solo card games as far as I’m concerned. My physical copy of this solitaire game is so dog eared from the never ending shuffling I was relieved to see it come to an app. Try and collect sets to escape a dream before all the nightmares catch you. Play in 5 minutes anywhere, a perfect iPhone game.

4 – Santorini

Another interesting take on the game of chess; Santorini is a two player strategy game in a cute cartoony ancient Greek box. Traverse the 3D modelled board building towers. The first player to reach the 3rd level of a tower wins. However add in any one of the 36 Greek Gods and each player has their own rule to help themselves win or stop you winning. Really fun and a beautiful implementation.

3 – Agricola

Agricola is an iOS exclusive game and that is such a pity for Android users. This classic heavy euro game plays wonderfully and gives users a chance to play a game full of well known mechanics. Build up your farm to score the most points before the years run out. This iOS board game app lets players learn the game but also offers multiplayer, single player and online play so they can practice what they’ve learnt over and over again.

2 – The Castles of Burgundy

Another heavy euro game, The Castles of Burgundy gives you the chance to play this table hog of a game on your iOS device. Collect resources and build up your estate ultimately collecting victory points; this is what board games are all about. The app lets you get through a long game in about 20 minutes which means The Castles of Burgundy is finally accessible for the masses. Well worth a download.

1 – Through the Ages

A game that I simply don’t play when not on an app; this is why board game apps are great. Through the Ages as an iOS board game is streamlined and easy to understand, the book keeping is all taken care of for you and it makes what is a bit of an unplayable game for me into a delight to play.

And there you have it, this is our current list of the top 10 iOS board game apps. We’ll update this as more games come out and we enjoy more apps on our iOS devices so keep checking back to see if things change.

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