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Spirit Island App Review

Review: Spirit Island

Will this board game adaptation maintain the spirit of the original or will it be blighted with issues in it’s move from the tabletop to the digital tabletop? Spirit Island is a cooperative area control game which sees you and your friends take the mantle of elemental spirits protecting the island from invaders; hoping to …

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Mystic Vale App Review

Review: Mystic Vale

Have they crafted a wonderful card game on our phones or should Mystic Vale be put out to pasture? While Mystic Vale is described as a card crafting game you’d be forgiven for not knowing what that actually means. You are probably familiar with the term deck builder when it comes to board games, and …

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Potion Explosion App Review

Review: Potion Explosion

Does this app explode onto the scene or is it a recipe for disaster trying to port it to our devices Potion Explosion is a set collection game that sees players taking ingredients, causing chain reactions and fulfilling potion recipes. The physical version of the game was a revelation when I first got it to …

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Review: Tsuro

Is this adaptation of a tile laying game on the right track? I’m going to say from the off that I was pleasantly surprised by Tsuro. It’s a tile laying game that sees you and your opponents attempting to stay on the 6×6 grid for the longest time. You do this by in turn placing …

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Viticulture Review

Review: Viticulture

Will this digital board game age like a fine wine or will it have corked before it even began. Viticulture is a worker placement game that sees you inheriting an Italian vineyard from you Mama and Papa, leaving you the unenviable task of getting it off the ground and producing fine wines in a race …

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Agricola Review

Review: Agricola

Does this digital port sow the seeds of the great game or does it leave you hungry for more? When I tell you that Agricola is a heavy euro farming simulator you might be completely put off and understandably so however it’s a classic for a reason and therefore it’s no surprise to see it …

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Love Letter

Review: Love Letter

Will you be writing a love letter to this little card game app or will it be a letter of complaint? Love Letter is a deduction game that sees you and your opponents vying for the affection of the Princess, either passing her a love letter or killing her other suitors before they can do …

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Patchwork Review

Review: Patchwork

Does this adaptation of the Uwe Rosenberg polyomino game fill the void for board games on your device or does it leave a hole to fill? Patchwork is a polyomino game from the famed designer Uwe Rosenberg, the designer who brought us highly rated games such as Caverna and Agricola. It’s a two player game …

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Review: Terraforming Mars

Is this board game app out of this world or should we save the space on our devices? Terraforming Mars is an engine building game that sees you take charge of a corporation attempting to make Mars a habitable planet. It features card drafting, tile placement, resource management and set collection all in aid of …

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Kahuna Review

Review: Kahuna

Will this island hopping duel leave you hopping mad or have you wanting more? Kahuna is a two player area control duel which sees players attempting to dominate a number of ‘Hawaiian’ islands. After 3 rounds of play scores are tallied and the player with the highest score walks away victorious. The premise is pretty …

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mysterium review

Review: Mysterium

Is this a killer adaptation of the popular board game or a mere ghost of it’s former self? If you’ve not played the physical version of Mysterium in the last 5 years then where have you been hiding; it’s been a huge hit and one that finds its way on the tables a board game …

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Bottom of the 9th

Review: Bottom of the 9th

Is this adaptation of a dice rolling game a home run or does it strike out? Bottom of the 9th is a baseball themed dice rolling game, it incorporates bluffing, dice rolling and player powers to guide you through the final innings of a tight baseball game. If you’re like me, a person from the …

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Tokaido Review

Review: Tokaido

Is this board game app a must by or should you just stroll on by? Tokaido is a virtual walking game which sees players taking their Japanese travellers on the road through rural Japan, collecting items, paintings, points and food as well as gaining favour with the Gods so that they have the most prosperous …

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Avowel Wordsy

Review: Avowel (Wordsy)

Are there enough words to describe whether Avowel is any good? Right off the bat I think it’s best to clear up any confusion, Avowel is the official and endorsed digital adaptation of the game Wordsy; the game’s designer Gil Hova is involved along with Wheeler Games to bring Wordsy to our devices, albeit with …

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sagrada review

Review: Sagrada

Will this stained glass themed dice roller have the staying power? Sagrada is a dice drafting game at it’s core packaged around a stained glass window theme. Players take turns taking dice from a shared pool and placing them within their 5×4 grid (their window) obeying the placement restrictions of both their unique window as …

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