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Oceans App Review

Review: Oceans App Review

Is Oceans a catch or will this app sink? Oceans is a spiritual successor to the popular board game Evolution which also saw an app release from North Star Digital in recent years. It follows a similar idea surrounding the evolution of your creatures, in this case fish, adding traits to improve them with stats

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Scythe App Review

Review: Scythe App Review

Does this digital adaptation of the wildly popular game cut down the competition? When Scythe was launched on Kickstarter it was an immediate success, it’s combination of beautifully themed alternative Eastern Europe, asymmetric game play and miniatures meant that it was always going to be wildly popular amongst fans of medium to heavy weight board

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Root app review

Review: Root App Review

Prepare to choose you faction and decide whether Root will take over your device or whether it’s dynasty will crumble down. The battle for the woodland is about to commence and Root has you deciding on which side of history you want to be on. Root sees you taking charge of one of four different

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