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Kahuna Review

Review: Kahuna App Review

Will this island hopping duel leave you hopping mad or have you wanting more? Kahuna is a two player area control duel which sees players attempting to dominate a number of ‘Hawaiian’ islands. After 3 rounds of play scores are tallied and the player with the highest score walks away victorious. The premise is pretty …

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Tokaido Review

Review: Tokaido App Review

Is this board game app a must by or should you just stroll on by? Tokaido is a virtual walking game which sees players taking their Japanese travellers on the road through rural Japan, collecting items, paintings, points and food as well as gaining favour with the Gods so that they have the most prosperous …

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sagrada review

Review: Sagrada App Review

Will this stained glass themed dice roller have the staying power? Sagrada is a dice drafting game at it’s core packaged around a stained glass window theme. Players take turns taking dice from a shared pool and placing them within their 5×4 grid (their window) obeying the placement restrictions of both their unique window as …

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Qwixx Review

Review: Qwixx App Review

Will this classic roll and write game be the right game for a quick roll? Qwixx is a roll and write game similar to classic games like Yahtzee in which you are rolling dice and choosing how to utilise them with the aim of getting the highest score possible. This app version of Qwixx is …

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Istanbul Review

Review: Istanbul App Review

Will Istanbul be a storming success or will it find the quickest route to being uninstalled? Istanbul is a worker placement game that puts it’s emphasis on placement optimisation more than most other games in this genre. You play as a caravan of workers being deposited across the board collecting and trading various goods until …

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