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Expansion Overview: Root

The Root app has proved to be a hugely successful board game app adaptation that has captured the attention of many players thanks to it’s unique gameplay mechanics, polished presentation and engaging gameplay. But if you’re looking for a way to mix up your gameplay experience, you may want to consider investing in some of the game’s expansions. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the four expansions to Root which have been released for the Root app: the Clockwork Expansion, the Riverfolk Expansion, the Exiles & Partisans & Vagabonds Expansion, and the Underworld Expansion. We’ll explore each expansion in-depth, discussing the new factions, mechanics, and gameplay elements that they bring to the table. So whether you’re a seasoned Root player or just getting started, read on to find out which expansion is right for you.

If you haven’t read our review of the base game Root you can find it here.

The Clockwork Expansion

The Clockwork Expansion for Root automates the four factions from the base game to allow them to be played with determined actions and a rule set that allows you to play the game in true solo mode without the need for an AI to take over your opponents. In order to balance the fact that you will be able to predict the actions of your opponents, The Clockwork Expansion adds additional rules and wrinkles to each faction to help balance the game.

The Mechanical Marquise 2.0 has access to a new building type, the Sawmill, which can produce more resources than other buildings. This new building type makes the Mechanical Marquise 2.0 more efficient at resource production, which can give it an advantage over its opponents.

The Electric Eyrie has access to Outage cards, which can be used to shut down opponents’ buildings and disrupt their plans. This makes the Electric Eyrie a formidable opponent that can quickly gain the upper hand by disrupting your actions.

The Automated Alliance has access to Outrage tokens, which can be spent to take control of an opponent’s building. Players must keep an eye on the Automated Alliance and be prepared to defend their buildings to prevent them from taking over the game.

Finally, the Vagabot has access to a new item called the Zap, which can be used to shut down opponents’ pieces and disrupt their plans. The Vagabot’s unique gameplay mechanics and access to the Zap make it a formidable opponent that can quickly gain the upper hand if players are not careful.

In summary, the Clockwork Expansion adds four new factions to Root, each with its own unique gameplay mechanics and strategies. The Mechanical Marquise 2.0, Electric Eyrie, Automated Alliance, and Vagabot all use programmed systems to determine their actions, which adds a new layer of strategy to the game. The expansion also introduces new building types, resources, and items that can be used to disrupt opponents’ plans and gain the upper hand. Overall, the Clockwork Expansion is a fantastic addition to Root, offering players new and exciting gameplay options that keep the game fresh and engaging. It solves one of my biggest issues from my review of the base game which is the AI only being OK. By using The Clockwork Expansion you play against a balanced opponent which follows rules to create a challenge and doesn’t make strange decisions.

The Riverfolk Expansion

In the Riverfolk Expansion for Root, you get to play with two new factions, the Riverfolk Company and the Lizard Cult. This expansion adds new game mechanics and components that bring even more depth and strategy to an already complex game.

The Riverfolk Company adds a new element of economic gameplay to Root. As the Riverfolk, you operate as merchants, using a market board to sell services and items to other players. This allows you to accumulate a large amount of wealth, which can then be used to hire mercenaries or craft powerful items.

One of the key abilities of the Riverfolk Company is their ability to manipulate the other factions. For example, if one faction is struggling to gain a foothold in the game, the Riverfolk can offer them resources or services to help them out, earning a profit in the process. Conversely, if a faction is dominating the game, the Riverfolk can use their influence to sabotage their efforts or even hire mercenaries to attack them.

Playing as the Riverfolk requires a different approach than the other factions. While the other factions are focused on direct conflict and area control, the Riverfolk must balance their economic interests with their political influence. As the Riverfolk player you must carefully manage their relationships with the other players to ensure that you remain profitable, while also ensuring that you do not become too powerful and become a target for the other factions. With their unique abilities and gameplay, the Riverfolk Company adds a whole new layer of strategy and intrigue to the already complex game of Root and I think are perhaps my favourite faction to play in the game.

As the name suggests, The Lizard Cult operates like a cult, attempting to spread their influence throughout the game world by converting enemy warriors to their cause.

The Lizard Cult has a unique gameplay mechanic that revolves around their ability to spread sympathy tokens throughout the game board. These tokens represent the influence the Lizard Cult has over the local population and can be used to recruit new warriors and gain powerful bonuses.

The Lizard Cult gameplay requires careful planning and strategy, as they are initially weak and need to build up their influence over time. However, once they have established a foothold, they can be a formidable force, with the ability to convert enemy warriors to their cause and use them against their former allies.

One of the key mechanics of the Lizard Cult is their use of the “Ceremony” action, which allows them to convert enemy warriors into sympathetic followers. These followers can be used to spread the Lizard Cult’s influence throughout the game world, creating a powerful network of allies and supporters.

Playing as the Lizard Cult requires a different approach to the other factions in Root, as they rely heavily on their ability to convert enemy warriors and spread their influence throughout the game world.

The addition of the Riverfolk Company faction provides you with a unique gameplay experience, allowing you to act as merchants and intermediaries between the other factions on the game board. The mercenary beavers add a military force and a new dimension to the Riverfolk Company, while the Lizard Cult offers a completely different style of play, with a focus on conversion and spreading influence.

Overall, the Riverfolk Expansion is a great addition to the base game, providing you with new challenges and strategic opportunities. With new factions, mechanics, and gameplay options, this expansion breathes new life into the game of Root and keeps you coming back for more. The Riverfolk Expansion is a must-have for fans of the base game who are looking for a fresh challenge and an even deeper level of gameplay.

Exiles & Partisans & Vagabonds

As a Root player, the Exiles & Partisans Deck expansion adds an exciting new layer of gameplay to your matches. This expansion introduces a new deck of cards that you can use to gain new abilities and powers, giving you an edge over your opponents.

With the Exiles & Partisans Deck, you can expect to encounter unexpected events that can shift the balance of power in the game. You may face natural disasters, political coups, or other surprises that require you to adapt and strategize on the fly.

Additionally, the partisan actions included in this expansion give you the ability to engage in guerrilla warfare tactics, using covert operations to disrupt your enemies’ plans, steal resources, or sabotage their buildings and infrastructure.

Overall, the Exiles & Partisans Deck expansion is a must-have for players looking to add new dimensions to their Root games. With the introduction of events and partisan actions, this expansion offers new strategic possibilities and keeps gameplay fresh and exciting.

In addition to the new events and partisan actions, the Exiles & Partisans Deck expansion introduces three new Vagabond characters to the game of Root. These Vagabonds represent outcasts and rebels who have taken up arms against the ruling factions of the woodland.

The Arbiter is a Vagabond who seeks to bring order to the chaos of the woodland. This character is capable of resolving conflicts between other players and mediating disputes, earning rewards for their services.

The Harrier is a Vagabond who specializes in hit-and-run tactics, darting in and out of battle to disrupt enemy plans and steal valuable resources.

The Ronin is a Vagabond who operates as a lone samurai, wandering the woodland and seeking out honorable duels with other players. This character is capable of defeating opponents in single combat and earning prestige as a skilled warrior.

Each of these new Vagabonds brings a unique set of abilities and playstyles to the game of Root, providing even more options for players to choose from and adding new layers of complexity to gameplay. Whether you prefer to mediate conflicts, engage in guerrilla warfare, or seek out honourable duels, the Exiles & Partisans Deck expansion has something to offer for every player.

In conclusion, the Exiles & Partisans Deck expansion for Root is a great addition to the game for players who are looking to add more depth and variety to their matches. Unlike some other expansions that introduce new factions, the Exiles & Partisans Deck expansion focuses on adding new gameplay mechanics and content that can be used with existing factions. With new events, partisan actions, and three new Vagabond characters to choose from, this expansion offers a fresh experience every time you play.

The Underworld Expansion

The Underworld expansion for Root is the most recent addition to the game that introduces two new factions: the Corvid Conspiracy and the Underground Duchy. These new factions represent the criminal underworld of the woodland, and their playstyles are brand new and unique additions to the base game.

The Corvid Conspiracy faction in the Underworld expansion for Root is a fascinating addition to the game that introduces a new playstyle to the game. The Corvid Conspiracy are scavengers and opportunists, and their gameplay is centred around exploiting chaos and destruction to achieve their goals.

One of the most interesting mechanics of the Corvid Conspiracy faction is their ability to manipulate the other factions on the board. They can steal and hoard valuable resources from other factions, causing them to lose valuable assets and fall behind in the game. This makes the Corvid Conspiracy a formidable opponent that other factions must be wary of.

Another interesting aspect of the Corvid Conspiracy is their ability to spawn vagabond warriors on the board. These warriors can be used to attack other factions or to defend their own territory, making them a versatile and useful asset for the Corvid Conspiracy.

Overall, the Corvid Conspiracy faction is a unique and exciting addition to Root that adds a new dimension to the game. Their scavenging playstyle and ability to manipulate other factions make them a challenging opponent that you will enjoy facing off against. If you’re looking to add some variety to your Root gameplay, then the Corvid Conspiracy faction in the Underworld expansion is definitely worth checking out.

The Underground Duchy are the other new playable faction in the Underworld expansion for Root. They are a secretive and subterranean group that operates from tunnels beneath the ground. The Underground Duchy’s gameplay centres around their ability to move quickly and secretly between different areas of the board, making them a versatile and unpredictable faction.

One of the most interesting mechanics of the Underground Duchy faction is their ability to create tunnels. These tunnels can be used to quickly move between different areas of the board, allowing the Underground Duchy to rapidly respond to changing situations and strike at unexpected targets. Additionally, the Underground Duchy can use their tunnels to hide their warriors and buildings from the other factions, making them difficult to attack and defend against.

Another unique aspect of the Underground Duchy faction is their use of the “Warren” mechanic. The Underground Duchy can create Warrens, which are hidden bases that allow them to generate resources and recruit new warriors. However, the Warrens are vulnerable to being exposed and attacked by other factions, so the Underground Duchy must carefully balance their use of Warrens with the need to defend and protect them.

If you’re a fan of Root and are looking to expand your gameplay options, the Underworld expansion is definitely worth considering. With the addition of the Underground Duchy and Corvid Conspiracy factions, you’ll have new ways to approach the game and interact with the other players. The Underground Duchy’s tunnelling abilities can help you navigate the board more efficiently, while the Corvid Conspiracy’s espionage capabilities give you more options for disrupting your opponents’ plans.

What’s great about the Underworld expansion is that it doesn’t simply add more of the same. Instead, it introduces new mechanics and gameplay elements that keep the game fresh and exciting. The expansion also includes several new maps, so you can switch up the scenery and further customize your gameplay experience. Whether you’re a long time fan of Root or just getting started, the Underworld expansion is definitely worth checking out.

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